About me

Marcus Rath
Former Head of IT at Braincourt GmbH and now
Senior IT Architect at Capgemini

LinkedIn: https://de.linkedin.com/in/marcus-rath-5b46b91a

More than 20 years relevant experience in designing and operating IT Infrastructures (on-Premise/Hybrid and Cloud)
Microsoft® Certified Solutions Expert: Cloud Platform and Infrastructure & Productivity Charter Member

The main aim of this blog is to use it as my own knowledge base and to provide useful resources for interested readers. In past and up to today, I mainly used and still using the open source software MediaWiki for this purpose, but in my case, from the beginning years ago, it was designed strictly confidential and not open to the public.

So by using in addition a wordpress blog, you can illustrate these articles in a dressier way and by making them public, you have a nice way for self-marketing as well.

By working out the posts this way, you also have to dig deeper in the topics as you would do it with a strict private portal only for your own purpose, so this will add a nice learning effect as well.