If you configure Alerts on your Dell iDRAC over SMTP and get the following error on iDRAC 4.x versions and above:

RAC0225: Sending the test mail failed

… there is a good chance that this error is related to your configured internal SMTP Relay.

Exchange for example can provide an receive connector to relay internal and external mails for different internal applications like web servers, database servers, monitoring applications like iDRAC in our case and so on.

If these applications doesn’t provide authentication and only supports anonymous users access or you just doesn’t want to configure authentication for these application, you can enable Externally secured (for example, with IPsec) on the receive connector, which enables the ExternalAuthoritative Auth Mechanism.

Therefore even with TLS enabled on this connector, the connection is considered externally secured by using a security mechanism that’s external to Exchange, and it cannot be used with other Authentication mechanisms at the same time.

Be aware in case of Externally secured, to limit the RemoteIPRanges only to internal servers, who should use this SMTP Relay.

iDRAC 4.x and above will encrypt traffic to the SMTP Relay over TLS. If the internal relay cannot handle the encryption, you can disable the TLS encryption on the iDRAC module via SSH as follows:

racadm>>set idrac.remotehosts.connectionencryption none

# check the actual settings with
racadm>>get idrac.remotehosts.connectionencryption

# change back to encryption as by default
racadm>>set idrac.remotehosts.connectionencryption STARTTLS

In case the encryption was the problem, email alerts from now on should work.


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