In case your Visual Studio project had missing package dependencies indicating by a yellow triangle icon at the package like below, you can run the dotnet restore command to get more information about.

Open the Package Manager Console under Tools –> NuGet Package Manager –> Package Manager Console

Enter dotnet restore in the console.

dotnet restore

The dotnet restore command uses NuGet to restore dependencies as well as project-specific tools that are specified in the project file


The output will give us more details about the missing dependencies. In my case the folder NuGetPackages is missing in the predefined path.

error NU1301: The local source ‘C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Visual Studio\Shared\NuGetPackages’ doesn’t exist.

To resolve the issue I just had to create the folder in the mentioned path and the next run from the dotnet restore command was successfully and the missing dependencies are gone.


dotnet restore

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