Below I want to show how you can turn off read receipts in Microsoft Teams.

Read receipts in Microsoft Teams let people know when you’ve read their messages, and let you know when they’ve read yours.

When a message is read, the following Seen notification icon Seen notification will appear next to the message in the chat window. Otherwise, you’ll receive a confirmation that your message was SentSent notification.


In the screenshot below you can see that my reply message to John Doe “Got your message” was seen already by John Doe which will be signaled by the Seen notification icon Seen notification.

So now John Doe will turn off its read receipts in Microsoft Teams by clicking on the three dots besides its profile picture to open the Settings dialog as shown below.

Then within the Settings dialog he will click on Privacy and toggle off its Read receipts as shown below.

The settings will take effect immediately without the need to first restart Microsoft Teams.

From now on read receipts are turned off on John Doe’s Teams account. Now I will send another message to him. As you can see, even that John Doe had already read the message, just the SentSent notification notification will appear in my Teams chat instead as previously the Seen notification icon Seen notification.

!! Note !!
When you turn off read receipts in Microsoft Teams, you will also not see any read receipts from other people when they had read your messages.


Use read receipts for messages in Microsoft Teams (free)